GESLシンポジウム2014 開催のお知らせ

Announcement of GESL Symposium 2014



「GESLシンポジウム 2014」を開催することとなりました。






■ 表題: GESLシンポジウム 2014「国際的組織で活躍できるグローバル環境システムリーダー」

■ 主催: 慶應義塾大学グローバル環境システムリーダープログラム

■ 日時: 平成26年3月6日(木)13:00 ~ 17:40 (終了後、意見交換会を予定しています。)

■ 会場: 慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス・北館ホール

■ 参加費用: シンポジウム(無料)、意見交換会(2,000円)

■ 言語: 日本語(英語の同時通訳付)

■ 申込方法: 登録用画面 からお申し込みください。

■ お問合せ先:

   慶應義塾大学 GESLプログラム事務局

  Tel: 045-566-1497

■ プログラム詳細:当日のプログラムの詳細については、こちらのチラシをご覧下さい。

 We would like to inform you that GESL Symposium 2014 will be held by

Global Environmental System Leaders (GESL) Program* at Keio University.

  In this symposium, a keynote speech and panel discussions will be given

regarding the roles of Ph.D. holders in business enterprises and organizations,

and we would like to think and discuss the conditions of their personalities and career paths

on the theme of “global environmental system leaders who can actively participate in international organizations”. 

 We also plan to have activity reports by GESL students and welcome suggestions and comments

from participants hearing the reports.

  It would be our great pleasure if you could participate in this symposium.

< Detailed Information about Symposium >

■ Symposium Title :  GESL Symposium 2014

  ”Global environmental system leaders who can actively participate in international organizations”

■ Organizer:  Global Environmental System Leader Program, Keio University

■ Time:  Thursday, 6th March, 2014  13:00 – 17:40 (A reception will be held after the symposium.)

■ Place:   North Building 1F Hall, Mita Campus, Keio University

■ Participation Fees:   Symposium: Free of charge, Reception: 2,000 yen

■ Language : Japanese (Simultaneous interpretation in English)

■ Registration to the Symposium:

Please register in the following website:

■ Contact Information: GESL Program Office, Keio University

    Tel: 045-566-1497  Email:

■ Detailed Schedule: Please click here to see the detailed schedule of the symposium.

*Global Environmental System Leaders (GESL) Program is a Program for Leading Graduate School at Keio University, approved and financially supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.